What is it in the air when October comes? I may despise the cold after it begins to creep into my bones. I may long to hibernate until winter has come and gone. But I chose to live in climates yielding to all seasons, because I knew what October was supposed to feel like . . . and I wanted to smell and feel that colorful month . . . just as much as I wanted to feel the first crisp cold of the snows. Then I’ll hibernate but not until October . . . and not until the first of the colder months pass.

But what is it about October? The air is cool, yes, and the skies become slightly haunted with their witchy moons, slightly duller than the bright months of spring and summer. The leaves upon the trees begin to change to bright earthy colors of reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and burgundies. Old life begins to die . . . preparing for the great sleep to come. And when they fall, those rich leaves, blanketing the grass with their thick foliage, the skyline then bears the naked branches of something possibly sinister . . . ghosted . . . empowering. And all this gives me the wild and ecstatic feel, that I absolutely adore, come Halloween, Hallows Eve, or Samhain night. I love October. I always have. I love the smell of wood burning stoves scented upon a chilly wind. I love the harvesting of pumpkins, beans, and whatever else may come. I love the way October comes in with all her beauty, placing a kiss of death upon Summer’s lips…and then sending her into the underworld peacefully.

A bit of historical information for you, for me, though, is that October came from the word ‘Octo’ which happened to belong to the Romans. It was the eighth month after March in Rome‘s calendar. October was known in many parts of Ancient Culture as being the time of the ‘Blood Moon’. Also it was known to be the ‘moon of the changing seasons’.

October was a time of preparation, according to the Celts. Lammas would be ending and the darkness of Samhain would soon be on the horizon. Every year was a circle, and that circle was coming to a close. October also marked the time when the veil between the world of the living and the dead would be at its thinnest. Many supernatural experiences would blossom during this month, and many ancients upped the amounts of their rituals and rites—for October meant power.

For those who follow astrology, October brought about the seventh sign . . . Libra (September 23rd — October 23rd). Seven is a very powerful and mystical number and Libra, herself, is something like the Greek Goddess Themis — she holds the scales of Justice.

October also marks the time of Scorpio (October 24th — November 22nd) which is the eighth sign of the astrological house. Interestingly enough, the scales of Libra were thought to be held by claws . . . the claws of the Scorpion. Scorpio, however, was represented by four different symbols– eagle, phoenix, lizard, and of course, the Scorpion. Their power was to either preserve or destroy.

Well, whatever it is about October . . . I wouldn’t miss this month for all the world. How many of you are mystified by this month . . . and if not . . . what month pulls at your strings for whatever reason?

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Dracula’s Real Life Hangout?

Dracula might be a fictional character, but archaeologists believe they’ve found the haunts of Vlad the Impaler–the real-life figure who inspired Bram Stoker’s vampire tale.

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