The Horrors of Exorcisms Lives and Breathes Within Modern Times

Cruising the internet this morning, I stumbled upon this article of interest within the oceans of The Huffington Post.


Violent Exorcisms: The Modern Day Witch Hunt?


THAT will wake a girl up!

It seems in certain parts of the world, the hunt and punishment of witches and exorcisms is still on.


I quote from the article:

These atrocities in the name of religion, abuses of power, must stop, before they take a serious turn like the Medieval witch hunts in Salem or parts of Europe. Believe whatever you want, as long as it isn’t malicious to the society. Exorcisms are a popular religious belief, but starving, beating, burning kids, here’s where the line must be drawn, before it’s too late to make amends.


Can this be true? Let’s hope not. If I stumble upon anything else, I’ll let ya know!

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Mythical Calendar has a New Home….

bradley4 061


In case you missed the announcement, Mythical Calendar has a new home. I moved it to it’s own Facebook Page in order to free up some room on the blog. Just give it a LIKE, if you dig the calendar, that way each daily post will show up in your feed.


Click HERE


Thanks everyone!


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Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!!!



Here’s hoping 2014 is a magical time for each and every one of you. New beginnings!


I love traditions and every year on New Years I follow one strictly – passed down to me by my Grandmother and Mom. Every year, I fix pork, black-eyed peas, and cabbage.

Pork brings good luck in the new year. Cabbage and black-eyed peas will ensure that you don’t run out of money.

What are your traditions?



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