Mythical Calendar: March 5 :Rome’s version of Isis


If we stepped back in time and took a peek at Ancient Rome, we’d see many gathered, flocked in Roman attire, carrying with them many kinds of foods and gifts of spice, as they journeyed to the edges of the ocean, to a ship that would appear far more Egyptian than it would of Rome. Today, would be a great festival, in honor of the Goddess of the Sail . . . who was, by many account, an aspect of the Egyptian Isis.

Isis, being the Goddess of a thousand names, was adopted into many cultures . . . too many to count. More than 5,ooo years old, people still call upon her today. In fact, many believe that Isis, and her son Horus was the prototype for the making of the Christian Mary and the birth of Christ. The similarities are remarkable.

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Mythical Calendar: March 3: A Bit of the Norse and a Bit of the Welsh

Who knows that song called Rhiannon by Stevie Nicks? Well, back in the ancient day, many Welsh might have been humming such a tune if it existed. Once the sun went down, an observance called Rhyfeddod Llieiaf o Rhiannon would begin. This was considered one of the Lesser Mysteries in regards to the Goddess Rhiannon. Don’t panic, because I doubt ‘lesser’ meant it was considered less than important. This observance though, would end up running a full course until the nest sunrise of . . . March 6th.

Now, over in the lands of the Norse, there was a god considered to be the power of the seas. His name was Aegir, and while he governed over the salty waters of the world, he also represented the unpredictability of men and the life. You have heard of sea creatures–various creatures of myth strewn throughout mythology . . . . Well Aegir also watched and governed over them.

According to Wikipedia, some sources place Aegir as a giant, but other sources do not. His origins are not explained, but at times, his age is hinted at being even older than the giants themselves.

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Mythical March

The Romans had a God named Mars who stood for War and Agriculture. It is this God, whom gave inspiration to the month named March.

March is the time of the Storm Moon.

This is the second month of Imbolc, fertility, and also the time of Ostara (spring equinox March 21) Ostara is when the Great God grows to maturity. Day and Night become equal, while light begins to consume the darkness.

March is also known as the time of the full worm moon. The earth begins to warm during this month, signalizing the awakening of the earth worm—therefore we see the Robins begin to return.  Some tribes from the North called March the Full Crow Moon because the Crows would start calling again, announcing the coming of Spring.

Moons for March is:

Full Moon on March 5

Last Quarter on March 13
New Moon on March 20

First Quarter on March 27


This is the month Pisces (February 20 – March 20) and Aries (March 21 – April 18)

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