Indiana to vote on Eliminating Cosmetology & Barbering Licenses

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I received this email, so I am passing it on the best way I know how.  And while you may think this does not affect you because—you are not a barber or cosmetologist OR you do not live in Indiana—then let me please say now, it does. This affects everyone.

Since I can’t list every reason, let me start by explaining just one—disease control. I think that’s something EVERYONE out there can relate to. I know in the state of Virginia, they are cracking down about this. I went to Cosmetology School and what I learned there blew my mind. The things that some salons DO NOT practice, is horrifying.

However, many Salons do take Infection very seriously. If the below bill passes, if it spreads to state to state—not only will you have complete morons handling harmful chemicals, but who will regulate the steps to insure that there is no spread of disease.

Just WHO will be cutting your hair, doing your nails, giving you a pedicure? What is exactly on their equipment? Maybe you will leave with more than just a new style.

Dear Reader,

This is a deeply important email to all of us even if you do not live in Indiana.
Please take a moment and read on…

As of January 9th, 2012, a bill to eliminate all Cosmetology and Barber licensing is now up for a vote in the Indiana House and Senate.

This means, should this bill pass, that there will be no licensing, no schools, no regulation. The schooling and license you have now will mean nothing.

This means that anyone off the street can do hair, nails, tanning, waxing, anything.

It is completely unclear at this point how this lack of licensure will be handled by the supply houses, because, as of today they only sell to those that are licensed.  This will also create an entire new ball game for all manufacturers and distributors.

Here is the website that contains the full ROEC (Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee) report detailing the Indiana’s decision to bring this bill for vote:  CLICK TO READ REPORT

Of course with any proposed legislation, licensees may also contact their Legislator at . If you are an Indiana licensee, we urge you to contact your politicians who will be voting on this matter immediately!

The ROEC committee basically says that if the consumer is hurt, they can hire an attorney, if they get a bad hair cut, they can switch to another salon, buyer beware.  But Government regulation is not needed. Please read the report.

Please do not think because you do not live in Indiana this does not effect you. This is the furthest we have ever seen steps to eliminate beauty licenses in the US go.  If one state does this, others will follow.

Read the report carefully. It is full of double negatives. One section states:

Maintain Current Status

There are two license types that the Board would leave unchanged, assuming that the General Assembly is determined to maintain licensure. Those two licenses are manicurist and esthetician.

Several people have already misinterpreted this to mean these 2 licenses will not be effected if the bill passes or fails. That is incorrect. The statement means — IF the bill FAILS and licensing is retained, these 2 licenses will have no changes. All other licenses will have some sort of change, but not manicurist or esthetician. If the bill PASSES manicurist and esthetician licenses, along will all beauty related licenses – operators, schools, etc, will be eliminated.

Make your voice heard NOW!

I can also tell you, that while there maybe many people out there using scissors without taking it seriously, many who give bad haircuts and color…there will be an even GREATER amount if people are not required to go to school for it.

The Beauty Industry consists of much more than the basic hair cut. A person has to learn Anatomy, Physiology, Infection Control, Diseases of the Hair, Scalp, Nail etc—and much more than the average person realizes.

Do NOT let this Bill pass. Again, it affects all of us.


Casey Harris

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The above report is a PDF file, of the official report/Bill.

Link 2:

Government/legislative link

Sorry …really don’t understand why the links keeps getting fried.


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17 thoughts on “Indiana to vote on Eliminating Cosmetology & Barbering Licenses

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  1. Merrissa

    I am currently A student and I thing this ia bull crap! Why am I spending all of this money so that I can work in SAalon with someone off the street? I think not!

  2. Felicia

    Im in school right now and I am disappointed….It has taken me a long time to go to school because I have four children and I wanted to stay home and get them to a place that i would be able to go tot school and they would be fine. I have waited so long and I am so hurt, if this bill passes then this takes away my dream of everything I have worked for…I pray that this bill DOES NOT GO THROUGHT!

  3. Question by albert a: What can i do at a salon if i dont have my cosmetology license?
    a salon near me is desperate for help. i was just curious as to what i can do without having my cosmetology license. cud i wash and style hair but not dye and cut it?

  4. CH Scarlett

    Hi Albert,
    Many salons will let you be a receptionist and or sometimes shampoo hair.

    • And to let everyone know…so many stood up for this Bill that it was stopped in it’s tracks! Keep in mind, though, this sort of thing can still happen. Be aware!

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